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ImaGINe - The thinking behind our delicious liqueurs

I see flavours as vivid images and I have drawn for you what Isee. The flavour unfolds gradually from left to right.


Voluptuous and succulent with a mouthwatering hedgerow innocence.

Blackberry flavourBuy now


Tangy and squishy, bursting with flavour. Add me to champagne or sparkling wine for a kir royale.

Blackcurrant flavourBuy now


Smooth fine & silky; a sophisticated and elegant drink

Blueberry flavourBuy now


This has a clear, sharp vertical opening note with a long juicy tail of appleyness

Crabapple flavourBuy now


A long tingly tang of a drink with spicy notes which sizzle on the tongue

Cranberry flavourBuy now


Warming and traditional with some real bite and a long finish

Damson flavourBuy now


Full-on voluptuous flavour; the Bordeaux of liqueurs

Elderberry flavourBuy now


A juicy and refreshing fool of a drink. Summer in a glass!

Gooseberry flavourBuy now


A long, exotic tingle – a tropical holiday in a glass. Try it over icecream

Passion fruit flavourBuy now


A smooth, rounded and playful twist on tradition.

Plum flavourBuy now


Rich and intense winter warmer, a fine high note gradually merges with warm furry low notes– feel it doing you good!

Prune flavourBuy now


An opening zing and a long followthrough which finishes with a Zip!

Redcurrant flavourBuy now

Silky Raspberry

Refreshing summery opening notes with an incredibly long finish and almost almondy undertones. Perfect for cocktails

Silky raspberry flavourBuy now


Traditional winter warmer with complex hedgerow notes and a sleek arc of flavour over the top

Sloe flavourBuy now

Christmas Pudding

This is just like drinking a Christmas pudding. Yuletide in a bottle with all the spices and fruits of the season. Cheers!

Christmas pudding flavourBuy now